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Living Expenditure is rising with advent of time and technology and so are the expenses on legal services which has call upon for many legal policies in UK.

When making a claim some question arises, what would be the expenses for the claim? If I lose, do I have to pay? Would it be a win win situation or just an expense with no result? This argument led to the introduction of No Win No Fee schemes which allowed an individual to claim without fear. It’s safe and the additional cost on losing situation is borne by defendants. With an increase in legal fees and increased expenditure in claim process to follow, people are often reluctant to ask for their rights and do not want to file a claim at all.

However, it’s just about to understand that you have rights to claim compensation if it’s not your fault and get financial compensation you deserve on No Win No Fee claims basis.

What is NO Win No Fee PCP Mis-Selling Claims?

It is an understanding agreement between a solicitor and client which shows that client will only pay when there is a Winning situation and their claim is a success. Here the risk factor falls more on the solicitor than the client who feels secure and safe in any case. This feature compensates the risk ratio in the event of claim and client can seek all sorts of help and discuss their happenings freely with the solicitor. In UK an agreement, CFA is signed that assures advocacy and proof of litigation. In CFA agreement the charges of the solicitor depends upon the outcome and result of the case.

Advantages of No Win No Fee PCP Claims

Victims of mis-sold pcp finance can get significant advantage by filing a claim without the fear of expense or any losses.

  • It is a way to help victims who does not have funds to claim.
  • The solicitor holds all the risk.
  • When your solicitor agrees to support on No Win No Fee basis, this assures a solid outcome and thereby it becomes less distressing for the  claimant. He/She is confident about the claim process and trusts the solicitor for all the expenses.

How a solicitor gets paid if a ‘no win no fee’ case is successful

If your solicitor is successful in winning the claim process, you are entitled to receive 100% of the awarded compensation, Now, out of that compensation amount received you can pay your solicitor fees and cost as agreed upon which usually is capped at 36%. So it’s in the best interest of the solicitor to fight for the highest amount possible. At PCP Check our panel solicitors will only take a case on if it has more than 50% chance of winning.

It is important that all essential points of agreements are written down as proof in writing before the trail and the objective is clear at both ends without  the risk of losing.

PCP Check always assign a solicitor you can trust for the complete process and they can guide you the best with your claim. At PCP Check, our solicitors work on ‘no win, no fee’ basis. In UK we have the best expert solicitors aligned with us that helps the claimant make their free will choice.

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